The story of Three Little Pigs, Part 1: The Smart Spender

The KIDOONS Network presents
The story of Three Little Pigs

Part 1

Do you know that pigs are one of the smartest animals around? This is a story of one very smart pig, and two very silly ones!

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. Their names were Baken, Faken, and Linken. One day, it was time for the three little pigs to go out into the big world and to live on their own. Their grandmother gave the three little pigs three little bags of coins, and told them to go out and build themselves homes. The three little pigs went out into the big world, and found three little lots on three little sunshiney fields near the woods.

The first little pig was called Baken. He knew that the Inuit in the Arctic made igloos that were sturdy homes, and very cool. He wanted an igloo! So he spent his coins on a big block of ice, and he started to carve. But Baken forgot that he was not in the Arctic, and you know what happens to ice in a sunshiney field? It all melted into water! So Baken just grabbed some wild straw and made himself a hut. As he looked at the melted puddle, he said, "Well, I guess at least my house has a pond!"

The second little pig was called Faken. Faken wanted a fancy wooden house that would look nice. He spent his coins on planks of ash wood. But the ash wood was rotten. It was full of gross green beetles who had eaten away at it. Faken couldn't afford new wood, so he built the house anyway. Faken said, "Meh, as long as it looks nice, who cares how good it is? Am I right? I sure ham!" Laughing at his little joke, he went inside and shut the door... which made the house shudder.

The third little pig was called Linken. She planned her house first, before spending her coins. She made a budget for local bricks, and water and electricity. She built it herself, and spread mortar between the bricks to hold them together. She put insulation inside the walls, and painted them "Pink Pig Pink". Her house was very solid. When she was finished, she turned around to show Baken and Faken, but they were relaxing in the sun and rolling in the mud! "Dudes, that's not mud," she said, "That's cement." What a couple of dum-dums.

Now in these very woods by the sunshiney field, there happened to live a Big Bad Wolf.

"Hi, I'm the Big Bad Wolf. You may remember me from stories such as "Little Red Riding Hood" Anyhow, I'm Big. And I'm bad. And a wolf."
The Big Bad Wolf not only liked to eat little red-hooded girls and grandmothers, he also liked to eat little piggies.

On the first night, the Big Bad Wolf crept out of the woods and into the fields. He saw the little house made of straw. He smelled Baken. He pressed his wolfy lips to the straw and whispered through the wall,
"Little pig, little pig,
Let me in, let me in,
Or I'll huff and I'll puff
And I'll blow your house in!"

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin", said the first little pig.

The Wolf whispered back, "Are you sure? This house is just made of straw you know."
"It's all I had time to make!" cried Baken.
The Wolf huffed, and he puffed, and he did blow the house in!
He leapt in, and he and ate the first little pig.

End of Part 1